Thermal straightening no longer means damaged hair!

When it comes to hair, not only styles but also treatment processes are constantly updated with new innovations each season. Hair straightening and Brazilian blowout processes when combined with coloring and bleaching cause a weakening of the hair, which becomes more fragile, dull and brittle. This is largely because hair loses its protein mass and the lipid layer, causing the hair to be drier and rougher, with excessive frizz. 

To treat and recover chemically damaged hair, Chemyunion developed Nutry Balm, a 7 in 1 active product with a restorative action that replenishes hair protein, increases the shine and softness, and makes the hair smoother and longer, without frizz. 

7 Benefits in 1 composition: 

Temporary hair straightening 
Reconstructive thermal protection 
Nourishing lipid repair 
Protein replenishment 
Reduces frizz 

Nutry Balm 7 in 1 uses technologies that treat hair during blowdrying and flat ironing, with the proven effectiveness of 2 key ingredients: 

Seridefrizz® Intense Salon: keeps hair smooth longer and reduces frizz from the effect of high temperature (either from a blowdryer or flat iron). Efficacy tests prove there is an increase of 50% in the shine of treated hair. 

Omega Plus: responsible for the protective film formed on hair fibers, improving combability and detangling, leaving hair softer and shinier. It is composed of a vegetable source of essential fatty acids (sunflower, corn, sesame, macadamia and olive oils). Recommended for use in shampoos, conditioners, masks, leave-on, finalizers and hair coloring. 

To learn more, please contact Chemyunion, a globally recognized company for combining technological expertise and market trends in the creation, development and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, conventional and functional excipients and traditional and natural preservatives for health and personal care, reaching consumers around the world through relevant global brands.