Slimbuster L works on as a localized fat and cellulite treatment.

Although it is not considered harmful to health, cellulite can directly reduce self-esteem and confidence in many women, especially for those still in their teens or living in climates where more skin is exposed. Used in the treatment of cellulite and localized fat, Slimbuster L concentrate is an active ingredient for use in creams, lotions and gels.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is an aesthetic disorder more common than might be expected. 85% of women over the age of 20 and including all ethnicities present this change in the skin, especially in the areas of the body with excess adipose tissue, such the regions of the thighs, flanks, belly and buttocks. It is by no coincidence that cellulite is the leading reason for aesthetic treatments by women who want to soften the appearance of their skin.

Cellulite formation is directly related to the accumulation of fat and minimal physical movement in this region, which directly affects the elasticity of the skin. The most common causes are factors such as genetics, circulatory problems, effects of daily habits (such as the practice of physical activities and nutrition) and to hormonal reasons and fluid retention. Even thinner women worry, since the appearance of cellulite is not always directly related to being  overweight.


Slimbuster L Action

With oil of green coffee, the Slimbuster L is an active ingredient concentrate that increases blood circulation, reorganizes and restructures the fibrous network of the dermis, accelerates fat burning, and aids in cellulite treatment of localized fat.

Tests performed with the Slimbuster L

In tests conducted over 60 days, Slimbuster L 3% cream, without massage, was applied to  women aged 23 to 38 years in the regions of highest incidence (abdomen, hips, thighs and legs) twice a day. The results demonstrated a measurable reduction in size and mitigation of both cellulite and localized fat.

The best results were obtained after 60 days in the thigh region where specific areas were reduced:  2.1% for the upper, 2.78% for the median and 2.26% in the lower regions, respectively.  Slimbuster L 3% also demonstrated a long-term lipolytic effect, which enhances the benefits when compared to other types of cosmetic and non-cosmetic treatments. 94% of the volunteers showed noticeably smoother skin after 30 days of treatment.

Can be formulated into creams, gels, lotions and serums. 


Slimbuster L features as benefits:

·         Lipolysis Activator

·         Lipogenesis Reduction

·         Treatment of cellulite and localized fat

·         Improvement in the smoothness of the skin

·         Enhancement of skin elasticity and firmness

Application: creams, lotions, gels, gels-cream, serum

Suggested concentration: 3%

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