Melscreen® Buriti – an ally against UV skin damage!

Although usually associated with something negative, free radicals are actually good molecules formed by metabolic processes including the defense against infections and viruses.

It’s bad reputation comes from external factors such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which unbalances and increases the production of these free radicals, causing tissue damage. As a result, crow’s feet appear as wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

So, how do you counteract the action of these free radicals? Carotenoids are potent allies in this process, and their presence in the body largely depends on each person’s lifestyle, including their daily eating habits.

This way, in order to avoid premature skin aging, especially as a result of sun exposure, it is advisable to strengthen the natural antioxidant system, either by eating foods high in carotenoids, or by applying externally products containing these substances.

Melscreen® Buriti by Chemyunion meets the demand for products that protect the skin from damages caused by free radicals. With oil from the pulp of buriti, a Brazilian fruit with high concentration of carotenoids, this ingredient gives the skin a more hydrated and healthy look.

In vitro Efficacy Test:

Seeking evidence of Melscreen® Buriti benefits, Chemyunion carried out in vitro studies, such as the Comet Assay, which quantifies the DNA fragmentation against an aggressor agent. The larger the comet tail, the greater the damage, and the score value assigned to it.

The Comet Assay below shows that Melscreen® Buriti guaranteed 35% more DNA protection against UV radiation.

DNA-Comet Assay.PNG

Melscreen® Buriti is recommended for applications between 1-5% concentration in creams, lotions, gel, body or facial oil, bar or liquid soaps and also sunscreens.

To learn more about the advantages and applications of Melscreen® Buriti please contact Chemyunion, globally known for combining technological expertise and market trends in the creation, development and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, conventional and functional excipients, and traditional and natural preservatives for the areas of health and personal care, reaching consumers around the world through relevant global brands.