AcquaBio promotes hydration and contributes to the natural balance of the skin.

Especially in warmer weather, combined with the constant use of hot water and soap, a notable drop in the skin’s natural moisture is created by the removal of the cutaneous barrier on the surface. This results in a white, opaque and aged appearance. To restore brightness and a healthy balance to the skin, it must be moisturized. AcquaBio promotes the restoration of this natural moisture.

AcquaBio is an active plant-based product rich in biologically active polysaccharides. Unlike traditional products, such as formulations that work only superficially on the skin, AcquaBio acts in the skin’s deepest levels restoring the skin cell to its natural biological hydration. AcquaBio’s protein-rich formulation enhances cutaneous barrier recovery while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin – contributing to the rejuvenation of the skin.


See how AcquaBio works to restore skin balance:


In tests of effectiveness, the use of AcquaBio, twice daily for 14 days, resulted in an increase in skin hydration of up to 44% and the lipid barrier was strengthened for up to 72 hours after the end of treatment. With this prolonged hydration effect, AcquaBio presents a real option to the use of other products such as glycerin, petroleum jelly, oil or nut butters.

AcquaBio offers the following benefits:

·        Immediate and prolonged hydration

·        Strengthening of the cutaneous barrier for up to 72 hours

·        Activation of natural biological hydration

·        Distribution and intelligent maintenance of water in the skin

·        Optimization of the water balance of the skin

·        Restoration of the cutaneous barrier


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